FAQ: Premier Player

I am an existing Premier Sports TV customer on SKY. How do I begin viewing the Premier Player
What is the Premier Player
Do you support Google Chromecast
GAA Online
I'm getting a notice that says the event is not available in my geographic region
Rugby League 1 - Toronto Wolfpack coverage
I want to find out scheduling information
Is the Premier Player free for Virgin Media subscribers?
I get sound but no picture on the video
Should I force Flash Player as default?
I can watch the broadcast, but the stream seems choppy. What can I do
Kindle Fire HD Support
My videos start and stop repeatedly (buffering)
What are the minimum recommended Mac system requirements
Can I view on more than 2 devices at any one time
What are the minimum recommended Windows system requirements
Do you support Iphones
What sports are available to view worldwide
Do you support Smart TVs
How do I contact the service
What are the recommended minimum download speeds
What devices can I view the Premier Player on
Do you support android devices
What is the current maximum bit-rate the player offers
What web browser do you recommend to view Premier Player
What is the delay on the stream vs. television


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