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I have a Sky card and want to cancel the Premier Sports TV package
Sorry you need to get in touch with Sky Premier Sports team to cancel the subscription, please call 0333 003 3773
I have a premierplayer.tv Paypal subscription and want to cancel it
Please make sure you know your www.premierplayer.tv login email address - test it first by login in (if you give us the wrong email we cannot help you).
Next create a ticket by following the link:

Create a ticket
I have an issue with my Sky Premier Sports Channel
Sorry you need to get in touch with Sky Premier Sports team, please call 0333 003 3773 or alternatively email support@premiersports.tv
I have an issue with the playback of premier player on my computer/device
Before we can assist with your computer/device issue we will need the hardware info from it.
  • Step 1: Go to this link, copy what is there and create a ticket using the link below and paste that info (hardware info) into the ticket, and also let us know if you receive any error message when viewing videos.

  • Step 2: Create a ticket
I want to find out scheduling information
Please goto www.premiersports.tv for scheduling information
I have an issue not listed above
First PLEASE read the FAQ's to see if your issue has not already been listed, click here to view the FAQ's

If you are 100% sure your issue is not listed then please create a ticket below:

Create a ticket

Please note our support desk is manned from Mon-Fri (9am-5pm)

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